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Dr Allie treats adults with all forms of sleep problems, from snoring and sleep apnoea, to restless legs and insomnia. She knows that healthy, restorative sleep is achieved through a combination of the latest advances in sleep medicine, alongside a holistic lifestyle approach


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In the first appointment, Dr Allie will ask detailed questions about your sleep. She will also ask about the impact of your sleep problem on your daytime.  Sometimes you will be asked to complete a sleep diary and other questionnaires before being seen so that she can understand your sleep in more detail.


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If a sleep study is necessary, these can sometimes be undertaken in your own home, although more detailed assessments of your sleep may require an overnight stay in a sleep laboratory. Sleep studies are designed to determine what happens during your sleep. They are painless and non-invasive and involve wearing monitoring equipment attached to various points on your body during your sleep. These monitor things like your heart rate, oxygen level s and breathing during sleep. Sometimes, video monitoring of your sleep may be required. The equipment is designed to be as comfortable as possible

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